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you mentioned a bunch of times that you were “not normal” in your letter. what is “normal”? is normal going with the flow of the world? is ti sitting by and not talking about waht makes us mad or what makes us happy? is it going through life to get a bad job just to eat or hang out with people who dont care about what is going on around them? is normal the same as being average? if it is than i hope I am not normal. and i hope you do not want to be normal too. Dont ever let anyone or anything get you down. You are right, you are not normal you are exceptional.




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Some say goodnight – at night –
I say goodnight by day –
Goodbye – the Going utter me –
Goodnight, I still reply –
For parting, that is night,
And presence simply dawn –
Itself, the purple on the hight
Denominated morn.

Feeling BLUE

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  – ma blu è il colore della malinconia dolce
del mare
del bene
della pace
di me
della neve che ghiaccia
del cielo dall’altra parte del tramonto

dell’abisso, ma non quello della disperazione
delle stelle
della profondità, di vedute e di sguardi
di correnti di parole scritte
del ricordo quieto, profondo e soddisfatto
sì, è un colore tranquillo, alieno da sconvolgimenti, ma mai banale, ricco
di risentire senza sorprese una persona amata e persa, contenti e soddisfatti sotto
è un colore da sotto